Police violence Austria – Policeman throws tied thief with his head on the floor

#Police #violence Austria – Policeman throws tied thief with his head on the floor

Slow Motion – Vienna Austria 12. August 2015
A pickpocket is captivated by the Viennese police and placed against the wall .
The first policeman travels away and pressed into the wall again .
The 2.Polizist grabs in with both hands on the neck and travels the thief tied to the ground .
The left hand he läst going from the neck and with his right elbow he pushes and increased the momentum .
The thief strikes first with the front of the head on the ground to then right shoulder .
The head is thrown back by the force similar to a broken neck or whiplash . It was only when the head is zurrückgeschleudert , the breast has contact with the ground .
After that, the thief rolls laterally to his feet .
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