25 Jahr Feier der Konventionen über die Rechte des Kindes

Celebration of 25 years Convention on the Rights of the Child




For children everywhere, 20 November 2014 is an important day. 25 years ago today, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted at the United Nations. The Convention sets out civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights for all the world’s children.
In the General Assembly today, Anthony Lake, UNICEF’s Executive Director, emphasized that the lives of children around the world have significantly improved, but many still suffer from preventable diseases, forced labour and abuse:

QUOTE Anthony Lake:
“On this day of celebration we must also ask ourselves some hard questions. How could we let this happen? How could we achieve progress for some, yet continue to fail so many?”

Children themselves helped to remind the world what the convention is about:

QUOTE children:
“All children have the right to freedom of expression. All children have the right to survive. All children have the right to play. And sing.”

The General Assembly Hall became a stage for artists who came out today, to support the children. Celebrities including Brazilian singer and activist Daniela Mercury, actor Hugh Jackman, former ABBA superstar Bjorn…and singer Laleh.

Clip of performances

Peace activist and performer Yoko Ono said to the children:
QUOTE Yoko Ono:
“Think peace, act peace and spread peace and imagine peace, thank you…”
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