FAMILY-DESTRUCTION …… Without my daughter

German Children’s Rights Defender EXILED !

Marc is leaving Germany.

He is one of tens of thousands of fathers who, after separation from the mother of their child, are made ambitious with the help of the judiciary, the juvenile offices, and the assisting authorities of the separation and divorce industry.

After Marc found out that his daughter is being sexually abused and exploited with the knowledge of the youth office, the child was isolated from him and he was criminalized.

After four years of arbitrariness and persecution Marc’s emotional state and physical health has come to a point where Germany was only a torment for him.

State persecution rather than solving serious issues.

The pressure on him by the state persecution has assumed such proportions that he fled from Germany. He leaves the land of his fathers and thus his daughter, to make his life secure.

Marc has not seen his daughter for almost two years, despite the fact that he shares care and custody.

The right of the granddaughter to see her grandmother was denied the child just as much as the loving relationship between the child and her father.

A father leaves Germany but the fighter still remains.

(c) Volker Hoffmann, Revolutionsstadt Rastatt in Baden – Germany,
Tags: Video – family law – Discrimation