Int. Conference VICTIMS MISSION – Beate Kelly

International Conference „Child Abduction as a Weapon of Family Destruction“ (English):

VICTIMS MISSION Organises International Conference 28 May in Vienna

Vienna, Austria (pts012/23.05.2016/10:30) –
The charity organisation VICTIMS MISSION invites you to the international conference
Child Abduction as Weapon of Family Destruction
to the Grand Hotel Vienna on 28 May 2016.
Beate Kelly, Mag. Josef Maitz, Gerda Ressl, Cara St. Louis and Dr. Henning Witte will speak on the topic. Afterwards there will be a panel discussion. Sissi Kammerlander will give the introduction and act as moderator.

Conference speakers (in alphabetical order) and topics:

1. Beate Kelly (Hungary/Malta): Alien Children
Beate Kelly is the grandmother of a cosmopolitan family. She was born with Hungarian nationality, grew up in Germany and has lost her grandchild by illegal actions of the child welfare office and family court. She received a medal of honour for 25 years of voluntary work for the Bavarian Red Cross (crisis intervention in rescue services).
In 2010 she was a central actor in the exposure of mistreatment of the elderly in the AWO Markt Schwaben Bavarian care home.
In August 2015/January 2016 the author and activist filed a report to the International Criminal Court in The Hague and the General Secretary of the United Nations regarding illegal abductions of children and other crimes. Her publication „Il Germanizi – Jugendamt Deutschland and the c(h)ase of children in Gozo“ tells the story of the child welfare office refugees in Malta and the methods German Jugendamt and family courts are using to get hold of children. (pdf version via available from June 2016). Press releases are available on request.…

Excerpts from a letter to the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon by Beate Kelly:

Dear General Secretary Mr Ban-ki Moon, Ladies and Gentlemen of the UN Security Council,
Unfortunately, I must continue with a very sad and horrifying subject regarding children and families (…) As you were informed by the organisation „Trennungsvaeter e.V“ in 2013 about the situation of abductions by an organisation in Germany called the Jugendamt, which acts without any supervising authority and takes children from their families, in many cases without even a court order (…) The case of „Chantal“, who was placed in a family of drug addicts and subsequently suffered a fatal methadone overdose, is only one of innumerable cases of children’s deaths (…) Mothers, fathers, grandparents and/or other relatives who have care and custody of a child are accused of suffering from mental illness and declared to be unable to bring up a child (…) I am not only addressing a flaw in the system. I am talking about violation against Children’s Rights, Human Rights and Disabled Rights, furthermore about crimes that, accordig to the UN Convention of Human Rights and the Rome Statute, seem to display the characteristics of war crimes.

Full Text:…


Internationale Konferenz „Kindesabnahme als Familienzerstörungswaffe“ (Deutsch):…
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Int. Konferenz VICTIMS MISSION – Sissi Kammerlander

Kindesabnahme als Familienzerstörungswaffe

Zitat: „Kindesabnahme ist psychologische Kriegsführung gegen die Zivilbevölkerung“

VICTIMS MISSION organisiert internationale Konferenz am 28. Mai in Wien

Wien (pts020/19.05.2016/13:00) – Der gemeinnützige Verein VICTIMS MISSION lädt zur internationalen Konferenz „Kindesabnahme als Familienzerstörungswaffe“ ins Grand Hotel Wien am 28. Mai 2016 ein. Vorträge zum Thema halten Beate Kelly, Mag. Josef Maitz, Gerda Ressl, Cara St. Louis und Dr. Henning Witte. Anschließend gibt es eine Publikumsdiskussion. Begrüßung, Einleitung und Moderation übernimmt Sissi Kammerlander.

Eckdaten zur Konferenz:
Zeit: Samstag, 28. Mai 2016, 11 bis 21 Uhr
Ort: Grand Hotel Wien, Kärntner Ring 9, 1010 Wien/Österreich; Salon 9 (4. Stock)
Konferenzsprachen: Deutsch/Englisch

Aussender: Verein VICTIMS MISSION
Ansprechpartner: Sissi Kammerlander

Tags: Familienrecht Familie Jugendamt Gefährdungsmeldung