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Anonymous – The modern slave in our society

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I know that most people on my friends list will completely ignore, disregard, justify, not read, or stay indifferent to what I am about to say. But, something has to give here.
The current system in place to handle child-custody situations, and to manage them (Family Court Programs, Child-Support Agencies), is the most corrupt institution since slavery. Actually, what we have now is modern slavery. I say this even though I have been VERY lucky in my specific case. I have a good attorney, a fair judge in a fair county. But, some others have been totally ravaged, ripped apart, and have had their lives totally ruined from the current system.
For Heaven’s sake, men have literally given their lives to attempt to show the unjust actions and procedures of our current system. Countless numbers of men have committed suicide in front of courthouses all across the country, to try to show us what is happening. One man actually LIT HIMSELF ON FIRE. Yes. He drenched himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire on the steps of a Family Court building, and he burned to death to attempt to show us what is happening.
Let me ask you this. Have you heard about these men? Do you turn on the television, open up the newspaper, or log-in to Facebook and see these stories? No. You do not. You must dig to find them. They have been buried. But, cases like these happen constantly. And it is all due to the treatment they incur at the hands of the current, corrupt system.
Currently, the system that dictates our children’s lives when families separate, operates for-profit. Yes. If you do not believe me, research it. The law is Social Security Act Title IV. This law provides each and every state in America an incentive to keep children from their fathers. For every penny a state collects in child-support, they receive federal dollars, because of this act. So, for all of you people out there justifying your meal-ticket, just know that you aren’t the only one getting paid for keeping your child from their father (or mother, on rare occasions).
Due to this, a massive bureaucracy has been created. One that operates under the guise of a legitimate form of child protection. This bureaucracy is the most well-hidden, corrupt entity on the planet. I guarantee you, that none of you (with the exception of my fellow activists) knew what I just told you. That is how hidden it is.
This bureaucracy has created a pyramid scheme to keep men enslaved – destined to a life of servitude. Basically, modern day workhorses. Furthermore, this has become the standard operating procedures for the people in power: „If a family separates. Someone is going to pay us. It doesn’t even matter if it is a 50/50 scenario, someone is still going to pay us.“ And, 90% of the time, that „someone“ is the father.
This system has created an incentive to alienate children from their father’s.

Not only does the state get paid, but, the mother can withhold contact between the child and the father, simply to collect child-support (this happens ALL OF THE TIME PEOPLE). When she does this, she also opens up a massive world of other potential financial benefits, as well. Due to the fact that she collects child-support, she can receive the maximum amount of food-stamps, free health-care, free child-care, and every tax exemption available to someone who is responsible for caring for a child. But, she is not financially caring for the child – the father is. Thus, the woman doesn’t even have to work if she chooses not to. She can lay-back, find another man to live with and not have to work a day in her life. Moreover, she doesn’t even have to prove that the money she receives from the father is being used to raise the child. Many times, women buy whatever the hell they want with the money! That’s right. There is no documentation needed. You want that new pair of shoes? A little short on your Macy’s credit card bill? Maybe you want a fresh bag of weed to smoke with you and your new boyfriend? No problem. Here is the hard-earned money from the father of your child! You earned it!
Meanwhile, the father is paying for every single expense related to raising a child, but is not called a parent… oh, hell no! He is called a visitor.
I’m sorry, dad, did you need to write off the 20% of your income that you pay to someone you had a child with? No way! That does not count as earned-income for you! Only the mother! Also, do you need affordable health-insurance, dad? Too bad! You MUST pay for your own, and you MUST pay for your child’s health insurance too! It doesn’t matter that his mother is on state-run healthcare. It doesn’t matter if you cannot even afford health insurance for yourself. Really? Now, we are taking 50% of your take-home pay? Too bad, dad! Mom gets all (and we get the rest). You want some welfare from the state? Your child-support that you pay does not count as earned-income for tax purposes, but for state benefits it does. You get NOTHING! Oh, you lost your job? You only make $10.00/hr? You can’t pay your rent, or buy food to eat? Oh, well, pay-up. If you don’t, we will put you in jail, call you a dead-beat, and charge you with a FELONY, forever ruining your life.
Over 30% of the nation’s homeless men are put there from family court programs across the country. And that number is GREATLY underestimated. So, while mom is living the high-life, collecting that state-run welfare and your hard-earned money, you are suffering from depression because of the situation and because of the fact that you can’t see your children. Well, obviously, you are unfit to be a parent to your child if you are suffering from depression! Supervised visitation for you! That means you have to pay the state another $200 a month so that you can sit in a windowless room for 3 hours, while a complete stranger watches you and records your every move, your every word – just to spend time with the child that you created.
You think it couldn’t get worse, right? You think „Why doesn’t he just get a lawyer, or file a motion with the court to get more time with his kid?“. Well, sometimes that works, but it is very, very rare. On many, many occasions, father’s may retain a lawyer and pay $5000-$10000 to have the attorney represent them in court. But, many times, that lawyer is just another cog in the machine. They are in collusion with the judges, the child-support representatives, etc, etc. So, while it may look like they are fighting for you. They are actually fighting to keep things the same. Sure, they may throw you a bone here-and-there. But, mostly, they are money-hungry scum, sucking off of you and using your hellish situation to get rich (of course, this is not always the case, there are good lawyers out there). As far as representing yourself? Ha! You stand NO CHANCE. Family Court Judges do not have to operate like normal judges. They are allowed to use their „opinion“ on what is „best“ for YOUR child. They are given absolute power in all situations. If you get on the bad side of a judge in a bad mood, you and your kid are screwed to the wall.
If you get lucky, the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem for your child. That is just a fancy name for another court-appointed attorney (that you have to pay, by the way) to run an investigation on the „best interest of your child“. By now, you have probably spent close to $50,000, and have gotten absolutely nowhere.

By this time, most men give up, which is what they are expected to do. Most men stop trying, and attempt to repair their broken lives. Meanwhile, the children of these situations suffer immense pain and confusion. 63% of youth suicides are from children who come from fatherless homes. 85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. A staggering 90% of children who come from fatherless homes will experience some sort of substance-abuse in their lifetimes. Thus, the vicious cycle is complete.
Being, the loving, caring, devoted parent that I am, I know what is best for my child.

I have parental instincts, just as much as any woman out there. I can change diapers, I can wipe noses, I can caress backs, I can provide comfort and love with the best of them. I should not have to jump through hoops, navigate the field of booby-traps that is the current system, just to be a father. Being a father and having a father is a Human Right.
Join me. Please join me in this fight against this system.

Anonymous Father’s