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  1. […] Language-Select your Country – english language (Google Translation)
    Judge Täubel-Weinreich should also tell the other side. .

    Keepers are exposed to a humanly unwanted executive order in Austria and are treated as people 2nd class!

    The only group in Austria, which is 25% below the minimum subsistence level, is the only one to support subsistence.
    And with 600 euro rent, electricity, etc. to pay is not enough with very many people. In addition to this, there is often a refusal to deal with the situation, which leads many into a hopeless situation, to suicide.
    In October 2016, the FPÖ has submitted a motion for resolutions to align the executive order as well as with all others.
    SPÖ and ÖVP have ignored it.
    Team Stronach has agreed.
    It is best not to choose these egoists . . .

    Gefällt mir

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