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  1. […] Language-Select your Country – english language (Google Translation)
    Judge Täubel-Weinreich should also tell the other side. .

    Keepers are exposed to a humanly unwanted executive order in Austria and are treated as people 2nd class!

    The only group in Austria, which is 25% below the minimum subsistence level, is the only one to support subsistence.
    And with 600 euro rent, electricity, etc. to pay is not enough with very many people. In addition to this, there is often a refusal to deal with the situation, which leads many into a hopeless situation, to suicide.
    In October 2016, the FPÖ has submitted a motion for resolutions to align the executive order as well as with all others.
    SPÖ and ÖVP have ignored it.
    Team Stronach has agreed.
    It is best not to choose these egoists . . .


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    Chairman of Mag. Täubel-Weinreich against censures, despite the OGH decision

    Sadly , if the “ chairman of the Judiciary Association in civil law“ does not believe that sanctions , such as beating punishments for the protection of childhood and also against alienation of the child, as well as against alienation of the father must be carried out.
    WOZU, then, are there these existing laws in Austria, the penalties and monetary penalties as a sanction against alienation, if a judge of the Ministry of Justice does not use and reject these?
    Unfortunately, it is nothing new, this feminism has been detrimental to the deprived fathers of this cause for decades, promoting PAS, parental alienation and suicide.

    Admin Family & Family Law, on the 6th of august 2017
    Article in English (Google Translation)



  3. […] Language- article in english[…]
    1. Senseless – 2nd compulsory preschool year from autumn 2018!

    The money could be used much more meaningfully, eg for integration among other things.
    The 2nd obligatory preschool year (original demand of Glawischnig) is, in my opinion, completely pointless , if one in some islamist nursery anyway no German learns and even no curriculum is provided.
    Furthermore, this obligation is for many children only a pure tax money waste and also an intrusion into the privacy. The children are taken to state property and a year of their childhood, where they are essentially characterized by father and mother , is taken to them .
    Why does not the family minister Sophie Karmasin leave freedom of choice and this must be mandatory for ALL children, many parents and even members of the ÖVP do not understand it yet?

    Symbol image: Sebastian Kurz – Sophie Karmasin ÖVP

    2. Compulsory preschool year is contra-productive
    This senseless wasting of millions on taxpayers could be used much more meaningfully for the integration and creation of a preschool-curriculum and German courses.

    Admin Family & Family Law, 17-7-2017
    Read more full article in english (Google Translation)


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